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Boarding Shelter

Our boarding shelter offers the best services and treatment to help your pet remain in good health . The boarding shelter helps your pets to remain in good company when you are not at home . Our caring staff helps you to keep the pet in the best company with other pets when you leave for office .

We ensure that all needs of the pet are met by our trained staff . The social and individual needs of the pet are taken care off at our boarding shelter for pets . The basic facilities at the Boarding shelter in Delhi and NCR help the pet to get engaged in the healthy activities . Our services keep the pet free from destructive activities like barking ,and chewing due to separation from owners . As experts in the animal behaviour , we make sure that each pet is kept in the similar pets and the activities of the pack are monitored constantly by our trained staff . The packs of the pets are made according to the size , temperament , and personality of the pet , so that there is no danger to the physical well being of the pet .

During the day shelter , the some of the pets will be cleaned , brushed , while other may enjoy the swimming and playing games with pets of similar habits and nature . We also have the meal services for the pets . The owner can keep the meals for the pet in the plastic container with us . At the end of the day , we also help the pets to get brushing and grooming services and wait for their masters . Our services keep the pets in good mental condition throughout the day . We make sure that pets are kept away from any kind of infection or germs .