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Pet Hospital & Boarding Shelter

One of the best hospital cum boarding shelter for pets has been established in the Delhi . The hospital side is equipped with the best medical infrastructure for the treatment of pets . The facilities are provided for proper diagnoses and treatment of any kind of medical problem of the pet . The treatment from bone , dental , to skin condition , surgery are at the offer from the pet hospital & boarding shelter in Delhi and NCR from the experienced and highly qualified pet doctor with 30 years of experience .The boarding services are provided for those who cannot leave the pets at home during office hours . We take care of pets like our kids , and make sure that proper entertainment facilities are provided to them during the boarding time in our shelter .

The proper care is given to the pets with the services of our trained staff . The pets are made to get engaged in various activities to keep them busy and separate sections are created to keep one type of pets safe from other who are big or have bully nature . The grooming services are also part of the boarding shelter . The proper healthy feed is given to the pet , which is selected by the doctor himself . Every effort is made to ensure that absence of owner is not obvious to the pet and the pet submerges in activities of the shelter . At the shelter , the pets are monitored by the trained staff members who understand the behaviour of pets . Any change in the behaviour from the normal is monitored to see the condition and feeling of pet at the boarding shelter . At the end of the day , our grooming services , which are part of the shelter , make a pet ready to go back home .